Other  Activities

Tank testing

BIS Hungary Kft. provides tank testing services. The system uses a scanner to map the examined surface with the use of electrical impulses. The generated image makes it possible to identify thinned or damaged areas, and the testing software provides an efficient, cost-efficient solution for repairs.


Non-destructive testing

BIS Kft. has its own material testing laboratory in Tiszaújváros. Its main activity is the non-destructive testing of metal basic materials, structures, and their welded seams (using visual, radiographic, and fluid penetration methods, as well as magnetic particle inspection and vacuum tightness testing), including hardness testing and ultrasound thickness measurements. The laboratory is a member of the MAROVISZ (Magyar Roncsolásmentes Anyagvizsgálók Szövetsége) [Hungarian Association for Non-Destructive Testing].


Tested areas

  • boilers, pressure vessels, furnaces, and steel gas pipes
  • pipes used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries
  • metal tanks
  • complete factories, turbines, compressors, and pumps

Equipment and tools

  • MXR-201 X-ray equipment
  • Balteau GFD 165 X-ray equipment
  • Used radiation source: Ir-192, Se-75
  • GAMMAMAT and TAK projectors
  • hardness testing equipment: DYNAMIC-D
  • ultrasonic wall thickness tester: WM-2 (Krautkrämer)
  • USM25 Ultrasound equipment (Krautkrämer)
  • Vacuum pump: SASKIA
  • Magnetic particle inspection equipment: AC 230
  • isotope transport vehicles