Providing maintenance services for industrial facilities is one of the company’s main activities.

Approximately one quarter of BIS Hungary Kft.’s turnover is derived from its maintenance activities.

These extend to both engineering and insulation activities.

BIS Hungary Kft. offers services to domestic and foreign customers in connection with the following activities in the industry and power plant sectors.

The amounts of the activities, e.g. the activities performed in the case of new investment projects or in existing plants, vary depending on market fluctuations.

Maintenance is another important area where we are constantly providing services. Maintenance extends to a significant part of the lifecycle.

The maintenance activities we offer our clients can be broken down into two main areas:

  • Activities performed in petrochemical plants and refineries
  • Maintenance activities in the power plant sector

In the course of providing maintenance tasks, we aim to support our customers with complex services.

The company is able to perform all the necessary tasks, including everything from technical preparation to compiling the final documentation.

For the future, we have set the goal of improving the quality of these services while coupling them with even greater expertise.



Facility lifecycles: